The role of social media in spreading fake news

Disinformation and misinformation have become a huge problem for people in electronic life. These untrue information makes people unable to make choices between truth and false , and make wrong judgments.

People in a digital society rarely  realize this, as their reliance on social media is growing stronger, they cannot  reject the massive amount of information that platforms bring to them. House of commons (2018,p60) claimed that among the relationships in society , people are likely to build connection and willing to share common hobbies and opinions , which leads to the incredible fast spread of misinformation .Not only social factors, technology also makes this problem worse,the online digital environment makes the circulation of the content much easier and leads to a broader circulation of information ignoring  its accuracy and intention.(Jack,C.,2019,p3)

The fake News on media platform has caused confusion about the basic facts of current events and people recognized that they have taken part in the process of sharing fake news online(Jang, S. M. & Kim, J. K., 2018)The most widespread use of social media to spread fake news has occurred in elections, because the platform allows candidates to influence the views of the majority with minimal cost.  Making use of unrelated photographs and fraudulent captions, the politicians can change the result of the election.”   (Campan, A., Cuzzocrea, A. & Truta, T.M., 2017)

For platforms like Facebook, when people mainly get information online, It has become increasingly cheaper and easier to mislead people .The users will even send news to thousands of people in seconds which makes people live in the smog of information.(Ball,J.,2017)

Fake news has caused panic in the whole society. People have become disseminators and victims of fake news. Social media has expanded its spread and caused more harm to people, making the digital society an untrustworthy place.


  • Campan, A., Cuzzocrea, A. & Truta, T.M., 2017. Fighting fake news spread in online social networks: Actual trends and future research directions. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), 2018, pp.4453–4457.


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